Monday, January 16, 2006

Hebron declared "closed military zone"//Hebron family petitions court

Pictures of military actions in Hebron:
1. Hebron declared "closed military zone"
Israeli central command General Yair Nave tonight declared all of Hebron to be a 'closed military zone.' According to this military order, only residents of Hebron will be allowed into the city. All others will have to request 'special permission' from the "Judea' regional brigade." The order is due to be in effect until January 22.
A Hebron spokesman issued the following statement: The latest decree declared against Hebron's Jewish community represents the evil personified by various forces and officials in the State of Israel.  Hebron, the first Jewish city in Eretz Yisrael, the roots of the Jewish people, site of Ma'arat HaMachpela, the Caves of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs, was closed to the Jewish people for 19 years, between 1948 and 1967, when under Jordanian occupation following the War of Independence. Entrance to Ma'arat HaMachpela was off-limits to Jews for 700 years, from 1267, following the Mameluk victory over the Crusaders, until the Six-Day War in 1967. Now, the State of Israel, impersonating the Mameluks and the Jordanians, is again closing Ma'arat HaMachpela to Jews. True, not all Jews - only those few million not yet living in Hebron. What could be more dastardly than placing the 2nd holiest site to the Jewish people in all the world, again, off-limits? It could be worse - the Wall could be closed to all Jews not living in the Old City. And it wouldn't surprise us if this too happens one day. Any regime that is capable of attempting to place Hebron off-limits is capable of anything.The total responsibility for all events having occurred in Hebron over the past week lies with the Israeli government, Attorney General Menachem Mazuz, Defense Minister Shaul Mufaz, and the military personnel willing to carry out expulsion orders. The best way to restore 'law and order" in Hebron, is not by forbidding Jews to enter the city; rather it is to rescind expulsion notices and allow Jews to continue to live and expand in the City of the Forefathers.
2. Hebron family goes to court
Rabbi Yisrael and Mrs. Tzippy Shlissel today petitioned the "Shalom" court in Beit Shemsh, requested an injunction preventing expulsion from their home in the Mitzpe Shalhevet neighborhood.
Rabbi Shlissel is the dean of the Ohr Shlomo Torah Study Center in the Admot Ishai (Tel Rumeida) neighborhood of Hebron. The center is named after his father-in-law Rabbi Shlomo Ra'anan, the 63 year old grandson of Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak HaKohen Kook, killed by terrorists over 7 years ago at his home in that neighborhood. Parents of 10 children, the Shlissels moved to Hebron following the murder in order to be closer to Tzippy's mother, Chaya.
The main points of the Shissel's claim:
1. We were never issued an eviction notice and were not included in any legal proceeding dealing with our home.
2. A special judicial committee recommended by majority vote to rent the property under discussion to the Jewish community of Hebron. This would allow us to remain living in our home.3. We have proven (in this claim) that the military has already told the Supreme Court that they intend rent the property to the Jewish Community of Hebron and they have agreed to rent the property.
4. We have proven that legally, the Jewish Community of Hebron must provide us with alternative housing should we be expelled from our home and that they will be responsible for any damages caused by the expulsion.
In light of these claims, we request that the court issue an injunction preventing expulsion until another decision is reached.


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