Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hebron Declared 'closed military zone' - Part Two

Pictures of today's invasion in Hebron: http://www.hebron.com/news/part3-invasion.htm

1. Hebron declared "closed military zone" - Part Two
Late this morning Hebron-stationed police officers arrived outside the Mitzpe Shalhevet neighborhood with signed military orders and maps, declaring the entire Hebron community a 'closed military zone.' After presenting the papers to Noam Arnon, officer Uri Yuran began a ritual to be repeated a number of times over the next hour: "The Hebron Jewish Community has been declared off-limits to anyone not a resident of the community and to anyone not possessing a specially-issued permit, allowing them to be present. All those not leaving within the next fifteen minutes will be forcibly removed."
This message was repeated numerous times in the different Hebron neighborhoods.
A little while later the troops moved in. Police, riot squad and border police began scouring the neighborhoods, searching for 'illegals.' and most notibly, children. Several Hebron children were detained and taken to the Hebron police station because the police and detectives did not recognize them. Being children, they are not required to carry official Israeli ID cards, meaning that they had no way to identify themselve . A Brooklyn man who arrived in Hebron about a month ago because he heard that Hebron Jews were in danger of expulsion, was carried away. The troops continued searching the neighborhoods, breaking into the Hebron administrative offices and breaking the lock on the door of a meeting room. Being that most of the visiting youth had already left Hebron, there weren't too many people to round up.Later in the evening, hundreds of Kiryat Arba residents, attempting to reach Ma'arat HaMachpela for a special prayer service for Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri were forced to break through a police blockade, aimed at preventing them from reaching Hebron. All people leaving Kiryat Arba for Hebron are being checked and their ID cards examined.

A Hebron spokesman issued the following statement: Today's events, as yesterday's, are totally incomprehensible. Hebron community leadership made tremendous efforts to calm the situation and prevent any and all violence in the city. Most of the youth which had arrived to help support Hebron already left. Despite this, decisions have been taken to continue an offensive against Hebron's community, and rather than reduce tension levels, they have only risen.Today's act of declaring Hebron a 'closed military zone' is reminiscent of Arab-British cooperation in 1929 and 1936, when Jews were expelled from the city. Now, in 2006, seventy years later, again Jews are being expelled from Hebron. However, this time Jews are expelling Jews. It is difficult to believe that the Israeli government is following in the footsteps of Mufti Nazi Jew-hater Amin el-Husseini and the British occupier. But this is exactly what they are doing. Very, very sad.We demand that these orders be immediately rescinded and that Jews again be able to freely walk the streets of the first Jewish city in Israel, the city of of our Forefathers, Hebron.


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The time has come to call upon each and every Jew to proclaim the Covenant. On NPR this morning Hebron Jews were described as fascist extremists by Uri Avneri. If Hebron Jews are fascist extremists then the Bible is a fascist document and all Bible believers are fascist extremists as well. One who wishes to erase G-d from the picture will label a Bible believer a fascist extremist.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I applaud getting the born-again frummers out of areas where they don't belong so that there can ultimately be peace.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has history tought us nothing? Must we emmulate the Nazi's and abuse women and children? I have heard it said that we will have peace when they love their children more than they hate us, I ask you, if we allow this to happen to our own people, do we deserve a country for ourselves? Have we become our own worst enemy?

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