Friday, December 16, 2005

Terror Murder in Southern Hebron Hills


Terror Murder in Southern Hebron Hills

Again, for the nth time, another Jew murdered in the Southern Hebron Hills, only kilometers from the Beit Hagai community. At 12:40 this afternoon, a 35 year old Beit Hagai resident , father of five, was driving back to his home from Kiryat Arba. In the car were two young women, also from Beit Hagai. In what is described as a 'drive-by shooting' terrorists open fire on his car. The driver was hit in the head. The other two other passengers were slightly wounded. Doctors, ambulances and other medical crews arrived immediately at the scene, in an attempt to save the wounded man's life. He was evacuated to Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem, where he was declared dead.

Almost exactly a half a year ago, on June 24, two young men from Beit Hagai were shot and killed on the road outside the entrance to the community, not very far from today's attack.

A Hebron spokesman issued the following statement:

While the Israeli government fumbles around, trying to decide how and when to expel Jews from the homes in Hebron; while the Israeli government stumbles and grumbles about continued missile attacks in the south; while the Israeli public gears up to reelect the most corrupt administration in Israeli history:

Arab terrorists are continuing straight down the road, continuing their murderous mission of bloodshed and murder.

Only yesterday, a terror attack leading to dozens of killed and wounded on the 'tunnel road' leading from Jerusalem to Hebron was miraculously prevented at the last minute when a car bomb full of gas tanks and explosives was discovered by Israeli security forces. Terrorists had planned to roll the car over a cliff onto the main road. The ensuing explosion would have been lethal.

At the same time, missiles continue to be fired from Arab-occupied Gush Katif and Gaza at cities and communities in southern Israel. Again, only Divine miracles prevent daily funerals as the result of these attacks.

Some people aren't so lucky. This afternoon another Beit Hagai family faces death in the face, another widow, another five orphans, again, the community grieving for a thirty-five year old man, dead at the hands of bullets of terrorists.

We warned, and warned again and again and again: Capitulation leads to murder. Opening the roads to Arab traffic leads to murder. Continued 'easing of restrictions' leads to murder. Continued discussion about 'further expulsion' leads to murder.

We demand:
1. Immediate closing of the roads in Judea and Samaria to Arab traffic.
2. Immediate cessation of threats to expel Jews from their homes, in Hebron and Amona.
3. Immediate massive retaliation against Arab attacks in Hebron, in southern Israel and in Samaria.

The only language Arabs understand is force. It's time to stop stuttering and talk clearly.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

may the leadership of Israel realize that the U.S. has not taken over the ruling of the world.That is still the role of the G-d of Israel. He says possess the land. He says be strong and courageous. He says to drive out the inhabitants of the land that will turn the people of Israel from the G-d of Israel

7:58 PM  
Blogger Isaac said...

fmy deepest sympathy to the family
I will be praying for all of them.
when I see the U.S. pressuring Israel and trying to force the division of the land all for the sake of a false peace and oil it makes me fearfull of being in this country. I look forward to my arrival in my true home the land of Israel

11:11 PM  

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