Thursday, September 29, 2005

The case of the stolen goat

September 29, 2005

Late this afternoon a Hebron boy, in sixth grade, was walking on the main road between the Avraham Avinu and Beit Hadassah neighborhoods He had with him a goat, one of several the family owns. When passing by the 'tarnigolim street' where there are concrete barriers and barbed wire, preventing Arabs from reaching the road from the Kasba, a group of Arab youth, who had cut the wire, attacked the Hebron boy, hitting him, throwing rocks, and stealing his goat.
The boy complained to nearby soldiers, who did nothing.

In reaction, a group of Hebron youth entered the Kasba to search for the goat. Others arrived, as well as security forces. A short time later one of the Arab youth who had participated in the initial attack was identified and apprehended by soldiers. A little while later, as police and riot police arrived, an Israeli army officer told the Arab youth to leave, and go home. He took off just as the police arrived. With that, Arabs started throwing rocks at the group of Israelis. Hebron youth and others tried to run after suspect, but were stopped by the police and soldiers. The police then declared the gathering as 'illegal' and ordered everyone to leave within 5 minutes. Four people were arrested, including a 7th grader who was injured when a rock was thrown at him, a sixth grader and two women.

So, it winds up that the Arab attacker and thief was freed, the Jews were arrested and the goat is still missing. Totally absurd!


Anonymous Jehova said...

So many lies in such a short article - what an achievment!

1:02 PM  
Blogger J said...

i remember a few months back, a pic of an injured arab lying on the floor being protected by an israeli soldier was captioned as "israeli soldier rescues arab from jewish mob". Turned out that 1, the arab was told to lie down on the floor by the soldier, 2, the jewish villagers were the ones being attacked, fought back and a lucky hit got this guy's face a bit cut, and lastly, he was seen 5 minutes later throwing more stones and cheering with the arab mobs.

8:14 PM  

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