Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hebron children demonstate in Jerusalem

Hebron children demonstrate in JerusalemPictures:

Yesterday, Israeli police chief Moshe Karadi, speaking on Israel television, said that he would not rule out using weapons during the planned expulsion of Hebron families from the Mitzpe Shalhevet neighborhood.

In reaction, a group of over 50 Hebron schoolchildren traveled to Jerusalem this morning and protested outside the police headquarters wearing bull's-eye targets saying, "Karadi Shoot Me." Hebron leader Noam Arnon told journalists, "Karadi said he would shoot us, so we decided to make his life easier for him – we brought the children here – why should he have to trouble himself to come to Hebron to shoot them!?"

"Today, the problem is Olmert. Rather than fight terror, he has declared war on Jews, most particularly those of us living in Judea and Samaria. One of this first stops is Hebron."

When the children arrived and lined up on the street outside the headquarters, a security agent appeared opposite them, carrying two weapons: an Uzi-gun, slung over his shoulder, and a drawn Gluck 9mm pistol in his hand. A bystander standing at a bus stop told one of the Hebron participants: "I am here every day. Arab buses and Arab pedestrians use this road all the time, yet I've never seen a policeman here before. And this, an agent with his gun drawn…?"

According to media reports, the government plans on implementing the expulsion next week, following the Arab elections on Wednesday.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Hebron update: Travesty of Justice

Video clip of Tzippy Shlissel's arrest:

  1. Hebron Update: The travesty of justice
The story of two Hebron women
Hebron has been relatively quiet today. The police, although still present, have lowered their visibility profile and are not, at present, marching through the Avraham Avinu neighborhood en masse, as they had been doing all week. However, yesterday several people were brutally arrested, including Mrs. Tzippy Shlissel, mother of 10, daughter of Rabbi Shlomo Ra'anan, murdered in Hebron over 7 years ago.
According to eyewitnesses, Tzippy Shlissel was standing outside her home in the Mitzpe Shalhevet neighborhood (scheduled to be destroyed before the 15th of February, reciting Psalms for the sake of Hebron. (An important Rabbi has instructed to repeat Psalm 109 nine times daily.)  Seeing someone she knew come into the neighborhood, she stopped and walked over to say hello.
At this point, four policemen ran over to her, jumped on her and threw her to the ground, where they continued to hit her. A police jeep drove over to where she was lying on the ground, and the policemen picked her up and threw her inside, on top of another policeman, sitting there. They then slammed the door closed on her leg and sped away.
Mrs. Shlissel was taken to the police station, where she was interrogated about 'crimes' committed two weeks earlier, when massive forces arrived in the neighbor to issued expulsion orders to residents of the Mitzpe Shalhevet neighborhood. According to Tzippy, they blame her for 'everything in the book,' which she, of course, denied.
After a couple of hours she was released and allowed to go home.

A second Hebron woman has been less fortunate.
On Wednesday morning, Mrs. Deli Landau, mother of 11, drove from Hebron to Kiryat Arba with a number of children in her car. At the entrance to Kiryat Arba a policeman stopped the car and asked her if she was from Hebron. When she replied positively, he demanded to see her identification card. She responded, 'if you only demand IDs from people in Hebron, your purposes are political' and continued driving into the community. A couple of minutes later a police van, following her, called on her to stop and park. Police then started yelling at her that she had tried to run down a police officer, a charge which she vehemently denied.
The policeman, looking into her car, demanded that two of her older children, Yedidya, 18 and Ditza, 17, identify themselves. When they refused, they were arrested. Deli was then taken to the Kiryat Arba police station and interrogated, charged with: attacking a police officer (reduced from the initial charge of attempting to run him over), for trying to pour water on police issuing expulsion orders two weeks earlier, and for rioting.
The police then officially arrested her and sent her, together with her year and a half old infant son Yehuda Tzvi (who is sick with spastic bronchitis) to the Neve Tirza women's prison, where she spent the night. The police conveniently forgot to provide her with food, both for her and for her baby, all day.
The next day Deli was taken to court, where the prosecutor, claiming that she is 'dangerous' and 'a threat' be held in prison until the conclusion of all proceedings against her. At the last minute the judge agreed to allow her to remain under house arrest at her parent's home in Jerusalem until Tuesday, when a final decision will be issued as to whether she will be remanded in prison.
It should be noted that Deli Landau, a Hebron resident for 21 years, hasn't any criminal record, and is a profession medic who travels with almost all Hebron women by ambulance to Jerusalem when they are in labor before they give birth.

The story of two 16 year old boys
Thursday Jan. 12: The two are brutally arrested in Hebron. AA – (an expellee from Gusk Katif) is kicked in his face and between his legs and gas is sprayed into his face. A second boy, AR was hit all over his body, especially punched in the stomach.
Thurs. night-Friday morning: The police deny that the 2 are in jail, replying negatively to lawyers from the Honenu organization.
Friday, Jan. 13: The police tardily notify that a hearing will take place in the Jerusalem Shalom court. Their demand: that they be held until conclusion of all proceedings against them. Decision: To remand them in prison until Sunday.
Sunday, January 15: The two are indicted for "rioting," for "a serious attempt to injure a policeman and soldiers" (by throwing eggs at them) and for illegal carrying of a knife. (They had no knife, rather a screwdriver.) Decision: to delay a decision for a day.
Monday, Jan. 16: Decision: They are forbidden to be in all of Judea and Samaria for A YEAR, excepting one boy's home and the yeshiva where they study and a deposit of 5,000 shekels cash, another 5,000 shekels personal bond and 5,000 shekels bond from their parents (for each boy). The prosecutor demands a delay in the boy's release in order to appeal. The demand is accepted and the boys remain in jail.
Tuesday, Jan 17: Hearing at regional appeals court. The judge requests that a representative of the boy's yeshivas appear the next day. They remain in jail.
Wednesday, Jan. 18: The hearing is delayed until Thursday
Thursday, Jan. 19: Hearing in presence of the boy's parents and yeshiva deans. The judge 'has to get her car out of the garage' so a decision is postponed until Friday.
Friday, January 20: Decision: The bond is raised: 25,000 shekels from the parents and 25,000 shekels from the yeshiva deans. Also, traveling between the yeshiva and the boy's home only when accompanied by the parents, for a year. The prosecutor demands that the boys not be released until he decides whether or not to appeal. The demand is granted. The boys are sent back to jail for another 24 hours, until a decision is made.

Note: The boys involved have no criminal record, their guilt hasn't been proven – they are still only 'suspects!"

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hebron Declared 'closed military zone' - Part Two

Pictures of today's invasion in Hebron:

1. Hebron declared "closed military zone" - Part Two
Late this morning Hebron-stationed police officers arrived outside the Mitzpe Shalhevet neighborhood with signed military orders and maps, declaring the entire Hebron community a 'closed military zone.' After presenting the papers to Noam Arnon, officer Uri Yuran began a ritual to be repeated a number of times over the next hour: "The Hebron Jewish Community has been declared off-limits to anyone not a resident of the community and to anyone not possessing a specially-issued permit, allowing them to be present. All those not leaving within the next fifteen minutes will be forcibly removed."
This message was repeated numerous times in the different Hebron neighborhoods.
A little while later the troops moved in. Police, riot squad and border police began scouring the neighborhoods, searching for 'illegals.' and most notibly, children. Several Hebron children were detained and taken to the Hebron police station because the police and detectives did not recognize them. Being children, they are not required to carry official Israeli ID cards, meaning that they had no way to identify themselve . A Brooklyn man who arrived in Hebron about a month ago because he heard that Hebron Jews were in danger of expulsion, was carried away. The troops continued searching the neighborhoods, breaking into the Hebron administrative offices and breaking the lock on the door of a meeting room. Being that most of the visiting youth had already left Hebron, there weren't too many people to round up.Later in the evening, hundreds of Kiryat Arba residents, attempting to reach Ma'arat HaMachpela for a special prayer service for Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri were forced to break through a police blockade, aimed at preventing them from reaching Hebron. All people leaving Kiryat Arba for Hebron are being checked and their ID cards examined.

A Hebron spokesman issued the following statement: Today's events, as yesterday's, are totally incomprehensible. Hebron community leadership made tremendous efforts to calm the situation and prevent any and all violence in the city. Most of the youth which had arrived to help support Hebron already left. Despite this, decisions have been taken to continue an offensive against Hebron's community, and rather than reduce tension levels, they have only risen.Today's act of declaring Hebron a 'closed military zone' is reminiscent of Arab-British cooperation in 1929 and 1936, when Jews were expelled from the city. Now, in 2006, seventy years later, again Jews are being expelled from Hebron. However, this time Jews are expelling Jews. It is difficult to believe that the Israeli government is following in the footsteps of Mufti Nazi Jew-hater Amin el-Husseini and the British occupier. But this is exactly what they are doing. Very, very sad.We demand that these orders be immediately rescinded and that Jews again be able to freely walk the streets of the first Jewish city in Israel, the city of of our Forefathers, Hebron.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Hebron declared "closed military zone"//Hebron family petitions court

Pictures of military actions in Hebron:
1. Hebron declared "closed military zone"
Israeli central command General Yair Nave tonight declared all of Hebron to be a 'closed military zone.' According to this military order, only residents of Hebron will be allowed into the city. All others will have to request 'special permission' from the "Judea' regional brigade." The order is due to be in effect until January 22.
A Hebron spokesman issued the following statement: The latest decree declared against Hebron's Jewish community represents the evil personified by various forces and officials in the State of Israel.  Hebron, the first Jewish city in Eretz Yisrael, the roots of the Jewish people, site of Ma'arat HaMachpela, the Caves of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs, was closed to the Jewish people for 19 years, between 1948 and 1967, when under Jordanian occupation following the War of Independence. Entrance to Ma'arat HaMachpela was off-limits to Jews for 700 years, from 1267, following the Mameluk victory over the Crusaders, until the Six-Day War in 1967. Now, the State of Israel, impersonating the Mameluks and the Jordanians, is again closing Ma'arat HaMachpela to Jews. True, not all Jews - only those few million not yet living in Hebron. What could be more dastardly than placing the 2nd holiest site to the Jewish people in all the world, again, off-limits? It could be worse - the Wall could be closed to all Jews not living in the Old City. And it wouldn't surprise us if this too happens one day. Any regime that is capable of attempting to place Hebron off-limits is capable of anything.The total responsibility for all events having occurred in Hebron over the past week lies with the Israeli government, Attorney General Menachem Mazuz, Defense Minister Shaul Mufaz, and the military personnel willing to carry out expulsion orders. The best way to restore 'law and order" in Hebron, is not by forbidding Jews to enter the city; rather it is to rescind expulsion notices and allow Jews to continue to live and expand in the City of the Forefathers.
2. Hebron family goes to court
Rabbi Yisrael and Mrs. Tzippy Shlissel today petitioned the "Shalom" court in Beit Shemsh, requested an injunction preventing expulsion from their home in the Mitzpe Shalhevet neighborhood.
Rabbi Shlissel is the dean of the Ohr Shlomo Torah Study Center in the Admot Ishai (Tel Rumeida) neighborhood of Hebron. The center is named after his father-in-law Rabbi Shlomo Ra'anan, the 63 year old grandson of Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak HaKohen Kook, killed by terrorists over 7 years ago at his home in that neighborhood. Parents of 10 children, the Shlissels moved to Hebron following the murder in order to be closer to Tzippy's mother, Chaya.
The main points of the Shissel's claim:
1. We were never issued an eviction notice and were not included in any legal proceeding dealing with our home.
2. A special judicial committee recommended by majority vote to rent the property under discussion to the Jewish community of Hebron. This would allow us to remain living in our home.3. We have proven (in this claim) that the military has already told the Supreme Court that they intend rent the property to the Jewish Community of Hebron and they have agreed to rent the property.
4. We have proven that legally, the Jewish Community of Hebron must provide us with alternative housing should we be expelled from our home and that they will be responsible for any damages caused by the expulsion.
In light of these claims, we request that the court issue an injunction preventing expulsion until another decision is reached.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

1 Hebron Update

Hebron Update: Prayer rally -  Special Guest, Sheikh Palazzi - People pouring into Hebron
Israelis from around the country began pouring into Hebron today, in preparation for a possible attempt to expel families from their homes in the Mitzpe Shalhevet neighborhood next week. All those arriving were given a place to sleep and meals at a highly subsidized price. Large tents have been pitched around the threatened housing to protect those arriving from the cold, rainy wintry weather.As a result of the large influx of people into the Jewish neighborhoods, an increased police and security-forces presence can be felt throughout the community.[]
This morning Nadia Matar led a group of Women in Green to visit Hebron, including the wife of Prisoner of Zion Jonathan Pollard, Mrs. Esther Pollard. Esther Pollard conveyed her husband's support for Hebron's Jewish community and told community leaders to 'stay strong.'  They, in turn, voiced their hope that very soon community residents would be able to greet both Jonathan and Esther Pollard together in Hebron, celebrating his release from imprisonment and his aliyah to Israel.
Yesterday, an emergency prayer rally was conducted outside the Rinat Shalhevet Kollel Torah study center, in the Mitzpe Shalhevet neighborhood. [] Speaking were Rabbis Dov Lior and Moshe Levinger. Also  appearing was a special guest: Sheikh Professor Abdul Hadi Palazzi, the director of the Italian Muslim Association. An Imam, Sheikh Palazzi is no stranger to Hebron; he visited and toured the Jewish community five years ago. Accompanied by the founder and director of the Root and Branch Association, Aryeh Gallin, Sheikh Palazzi visited Hebron-Kiryat Arba Chief Rabbi Dov Lior at his Kiryat Arba home. Later, introducing the Sheikh to the listening audience in Hebron, Rabbi Lior praised his honesty, courage and sense of justice. []
Sheikh Palazzi, well-known for his "Pro-Israel-Zionist" opinions, said he came to Hebron due to the situation the community is now facing. He said that following the catastrophic expulsion from Gush Katif this past summer, which he opposed, he is very worried that the Israeli government will attempt to continue to expel Jews from their homeland. For this reason, he came to show support for a continued Jewish presence in Hebron, and at present, especially in the Mitzpe Shalhevet neighborhood.
Hebron residents and guests applauded Sheikh Palazzi's speech, and many people approached him to shake his hand and express their thanks for his remarks.
Following dinner at Hebron resident's home, the Sheikh toured the Tel Rumeida neighborhood and viewed the fascinating archaeological excavations at the site, before leaving back to Jerusalem.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Call for Jews to flock to Hebron

1. Call for Jews to flock to HebronHebron's Jewish Community leadership has called upon Jews to flock to Hebron in order to protect the Mitzpe Shalhevet neighborhood from destruction.
The Jewish Community of Hebron is calling upon the public:
1. To come to Hebron tomorrow, the fast day, the 10th of Tevet, for a prayer rally:
15:30 – Psalms16:30 – Tefillat Mincha17:00 – Words of encouragement: Rabbi Dov Lior and Rabbi Moshe Levinger17:30 – Tefillat Arvit
2. To start flocking to Hebron on Wednesday, January 11 – 11 Tevet – in preparation for the possible attempt to expel Hebron families from their homes in Mitzpe Shalhevet. Large tents will be available, as well as subsidized meals. People are invited to bring private tents. Individuals should bring sleeping bags, warm clothing for an extended stay and a strong spirit. Study programs and other activities will be available. For more details, call: 052-429-5557 or email
According to several sources, Israel's security forces have begun mobilizing in preparation for the planned expulsion. A camera has been placed atop an army post tower on the Abu-Sneneh hills, facing the Mitzpe Shalhevet neighborhood, and a Riot Squad force member was seen entering another guard tower located at Gross Square, also equipped with cameras.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Pictures of issuance of expulsion orders in Hebron